We Can Repair Your Smartphone and iPhone Quickly

If you own a smartphone, you probably depend on it daily. Your phone brings you the latest news, connects you to important contacts, stores your favorite pictures, and helps you get to appointments on time.

Whatever Apple product you own, we can fix it – guaranteed or you wont pay a cent! We fix all the Apple products listed below.

Key Service Included:

  • Phone Diagnosis
  • Water damaged
  • Mobile Connection
  • Device Setup
  • Cracked Glass Replacement
  • Camera Replacement
  • We Do Quick And Efficient Smartphone Repairs
  • Smartphones are everywhere, and we depend on them to make our day to day life easier. They bring us important news, connect us with friends and colleagues, and provide us with countless hours of entertainment. We offer a quick and professional smartphone repair, so you can continue with your daily life with minimum disruption.

  • We Repair Every Type Of Smartphone
  • Our technicians have experience in repairing Android, iPhone, and Windows phones of every generation. We aim to deliver the best possible service to make you completely satisfied. Don't worry, if it turns out that we can't fix your device, you won't have to pay anything. Then again, we seriously doubt that would happen.

  • Fast, Accurate & Free Diagnosis
  • Computer Repair Force will work tirelessly to figure out what's wrong with your phone. Once done, they will inform you about the price and present various solutions. This way, you will always be in control.

  • Camera Replacement
  • Did your camera die and you can't take photos? We will gladly replace it with a new premium model, so you can continue making memories immediately.

  • Replace Your Cracked Back & Screen
  • We get it, our phones fall all the time too. Our technicians are well-versed in replacing screens and will do so swiftly, with prices ranging from $ 80 to $ 375. IPhone users will be pleased to know that we can also fix cracked glass back, starting at $145. We will order a new glass housing and replace it on the same day.

  • Restore Your Network
  • Do you have bad reception or can't connect to the internet? Computer Repair Force knows which steps to take to fix your connection so you are back on YouTube in no time.

  • Fix Water Damage
  • If your smartphone comes into contact with water, there are few things you need to do quickly to minimize the damage. First, turn it off, then wipe it with a cloth, remove the battery and let it dry. Once you've done that, leave it at our service and we will do our best to restore its full functionality. We offer affordable prices starting at $ 195.

  • Android & iPhone Setup
  • Did your smartphone start to act weird after the latest iOS update? Our technicians are well acquainted with various phone models and software versions, so they are able to restore it in no time. For Computer Repair force, no device is too complex.

  • Recover Your Data
  • To improve your chances, it's important that you bring your device as soon as you notice data loss. Our experienced in-house recovery team will do their best to restore all of your information. For $ 35, you can have your data from Micro SD card recovered today.

  • We Use Only Premium Parts
  • Which is what distinguishes us from your regular 3rd party vendor. Our parts come from the same factory that produces Apple Original parts. This way, we make sure that your device gets the treatment it deserves.

Why Choose Computer Repair Force?

We provide quick and expert repair services, both in-home and at our Great Neck shop.

Free Diagnostics

Bring your PC, laptop or mobile device for a free diacnostics. Leave it with us and we could have a quote for you.

Low Price Guarantee

We are proud of bringing you the best services at the most commpetetive prices in town.

Quick Repair Process

Phone repairs take on average less than 1hour. PC and Laptops average time is 24-48 hours.

6-12 Months Warranty

Phone and Tablet repairs are warrantied for 6 months. PC and Laptops are warratied for 12 months

Do you want to repair your smartphone?