Data Recovery

Data Recovery Services

Data loss can cause serious disruption to your professional and personal life. That's why we also specialize in restoring your emails, servers, and critical system files. Even if your HDD got physically damaged, there is still a chance that your info may be recovered. However, in these cases, time is of the essence. To get the best results, you should stop using your computer or smartphone as soon as you notice the data loss.

Recovery Of Personal Files

Don't despair! There's still a chance that we can save your music, photographs, and important projects that you are working on. You will need to act quickly though, and deliver your device to our shop where we will assess the damage. If it's software-related, we will do in-house service which is generally very quick and starts at $ 95.

HDD Recovery Starting At $ 325

If your business has experienced a server crash or your HDD got broken, recovery may still be possible. In these cases, we will need to send your devices to our out-house lab partners. Although success varies depending on the severity of your problem, they have a very high recovery rate. If your data can be restored, they will do it.

Saving Your Smartphone Data

We also recover Smartphone and tablet files at competitive prices. Get back your important messages, photos, and memos from your micro SD and SD cards for just $35. We are equally skillful with various operating systems, from iPhone iOS and Windows Phone to Android.

Restore Your iMac Info

Did you Mac sustain physical damage or you've accidentally overwritten important files? Our technicians know Mac's inside-out, and will diligently work to undo the data loss.

Quick Service

Data loss is already disrupting your business and our technicians are aware that they need to act quickly. With our help, you will be back at your feet in no time.

We Are Professionals

Computer Repair Force utilizes cutting-edge data recovery techniques to restore your valuable info.

What Can I Do?

While data loss sometimes can't be prevented, there are things you can do to minimize the damage.

  • Tip 1: Create Copies Of Your Files
  • You can upload your valuable info to the cloud storage, and there are various ones you can use for free. Another option is having an external disc where you can send copies of your original files.

  • Tip 2: Look For Warning Signs
  • Before crashing, your hard drive may send a few warning signals like weird clicking noises and overheating. If your PC crashes and freezes constantly this is a red flag, and you will want to deal with it immediately to prevent more damage.

We Will Tell You Why It Happened

Data loss may not be an unfortunate event, but a result of a malware infestation. In this case, we will report back and take additional steps to protect you from hacker attacks. With our help, you can minimize the chances of this happening again.

Don't let your valuable info go to waste and call us today to find out about your options.

Console Repair Service

Why Choose Computer Repair Force for your HDD Data Recovery?

We provide quick and expert repair services, both in-home and at our Great Neck shop.

Free Diagnostics

Bring your PC, laptop or mobile device for a free diacnostics. Leave it with us and we could have a quote for you.

Low Price Guarantee

We are proud of bringing you the best services at the most commpetetive prices in town.

Quick Repair Process

Phone repairs take on average less than 1hour. PC and Laptops average time is 24-48 hours.

6-12 Months Warranty

Phone and Tablet repairs are warrantied for 6 months. PC and Laptops are warratied for 12 months

Do you want to recover your lost data?