PC & MAC Computers

If your computer or laptop is running slowly and you think it used to be much faster, then you need a computer tune-up.

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Laptop Macbook Repair

Computer Repair Force will fix your laptop for the lowest possible price, making it affordable and reasonable to repair your laptop instead of replacing it.

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Smartphone Repair

Of course we love fixing cracked iPhone screens and broken charge ports, but we get our satisfaction from helping out folks who lost their connection to the outside world.

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Tablet - iPad Repair

It’s easy to fall in love with your tablet, as it offers the perfect combination of size and function. Whether you drop it in water or concrete, we cal fix your beloved tablet.

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Data Recovery

Sometimes computers can seriously malfunction causing massive disruption to your documents, critical system files, database and user data files your company or personal information and files.

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Console Repair

Has your gaming life come to a halt because of faulty equipment? Let us help you with video game console repair. Our technicians can locate the problem with your Playstation, Xbox, or Nintendo and get it ready for your next gaming adventure.

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Do you want to repair your mobile phone?